Leader Foods is all about high-quality innovative product development. We are the leading Finnish supplier of deluxe snack and protein bars, protein products, dietary supplements, superfoods, raw chocolates, as well as sports nutrients, drinks and outdoor meals. All Leader products are developed and manufactured in Finland.


Our ongoing mission is to offer an overall health food product portfolio for different consumer needs. We want to empower people to always make healthy choices in their everyday lives by providing convenient, tasty and nutritious products that people actually want to eat. We wish to make the best products for the consumer, in order to bring out the best in the consumer.


We are a fast-growing and internationally expanding company with market leadership in several product categories in Finland. We have a range of products that touches everything from snack bars to a dietary meal plan. Our brand portfolio includes BareBar, Protein So Much Taste!, Vida food supplements, Raw Choco, Rawsom Pure Superfoods, Leader Sports Nutrition and Leader Outdoor Gourmet. There is something for everyone.


Our manufacturing facilities meet the highest standards for machinery, procedures, and quality control. Our production plants are located in Vantaa and Toholampi. Two production facilities enable high quality, in-house production. Our key competitive advantage is gained through flexibility, reactivity and product development.


Each one of our products is made with the highest quality materials, ensuring top notch taste and texture.

We also take food safety and quality control seriously. Our production processes follows the guidelines of Certification FSSC 22000 based on existing ISO Standards for food safety management systems (including SFS-EN ISO 22000). This ensures quality throughout the entire production process.

In addition, our factories have been issued the Organic Certification (EU) ensuring the production of organic products.

Leader Foods follows HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) regulations to assure quality control and to meet the highest standards in the food industry. Analysis of final products and shelf-life monitoring tests of finished products are conducted in an independent Eurofins laboratory.


Innovative product development is the key success factor for Leader Foods. All the products are developed in-house by skilled professionals. We want to always be on top of the trends and set the guidelines for the future. If you don’t find what you are looking for, then give us a couple months and we are sure to expand our arsenal of products.


Leader Foods has skilled in-house workers across our many levels of production. Our staff is close to the market, providing a clear advantage across sales and R&D. Leader has an agile organization culture, allowing rapid reactivity. Our company employs more than 100 enthusiastic, hard-working, professionals.