Your next adventure awaits you and your meals are ready! These MRE type deluxe meal plans are very inovative and a one-of-a-kind oppertunity for you to increase your camping\hiking adventure, or daily life.

We all know that when you are in nature, you are expending a massive amount of energy, and a normal packed lunch is only going to leave you wanting. So if you want to nurish your body properly, you would normally have to bring with you an excess amount of food and cooking equipment in order to replenish your depleted body. That is exactly why we have created these Deluxe Gourmet Outdoor meals just for you! Whether you are an expierenced hiker, camper, soldier, or you just want a quick and tasty lunch. It is light weight and provides approximately 15-20% more protein and energy with approximately 500-700 calories per meal.

As we believe in versatile products, this series offers a variety of vegetable and vegan options as well as gluten and lactose free meals.

Preparing meals is simple – just add water. Clear instructions can be found at the back of the bag and the preparation is easy with the measurement scale inside the bag. A meal is ready in 5-15 minutes. A meal is good makeshift, you can take it to cottage, to boat or even to work.

Outdoor Breakfasts

Outdoor Breakfast
Outdoor Breakfasts

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Outdoor meals

Outdoor Dessert

Outdoor Dessert
Outdoor Desserts