Leader`s delicious and healthy protein and snack bars can be consumed as on-the-go snack between the meals, before or after exercise, or as a supplement during the hectic days. High-quality ingredients are sourced world-wide to ensure maximum quality, taste and nutrition. From the versatile selection of Leader bars you will find a wide range of different flavours optimized by their nutritional content. All our bars are made in Finland, at our own factories.


The Protein Bar

THE Protein Bar has arrived. No more debate over who is the king of the protein bars. The taste, texture, and benefits all wrapped up in this 55 gram bar is unmatched. Treat yourself to THE protein bar of protein bars.

The Protein Bar


40 % and 50 % Protein bars

To give you some extra edge to your protein supplementation, we created 40 % and 50 % Protein + BCAA bars containaining lots of protein and taste, but only 1-2 g of sugars. These functional protein bars support your nutritional goals when it comes question on reduction of sugars or supplementation of high quality protein. In addition, we added branched-chain amino acids, such as Leucine, Isoleucine and Valine, to promote protein synthesis, boost lean muscle growth, and enhance recovery. With lots of taste and a perfect texture, these bars are ideal as a pre or post work-out nutrition to support recovery and muscle building.

40-50% Protein bar


Protein Dream

You won’t believe you are eating a protein bar when you take your first bite of our new Protein Dream bar! We promise it tastes just like a candy bar, but without any attached guilt from indulging yourself. It seems too good to be true and that’s what makes it a DREAM. Our crispy and crunchy chocolate icing and structure is what makes this protein bar a Dream come true!

Protein Dream


Protein So Much Taste! Protein Bars

The game-changing protein bar is our classic Protein So Much Taste! It has defied expectations for a long time, and continues to be our best selling bar in Finland.There is a reason this bar has lasted as long as it has – it is what you need. Protein So Much Taste! -bars are loaded with high quality protein and maximum taste! Bars are very low in carbs as they have only 1-7 g of sugars and rest of the carbohydrates are sugar alcohols; polyols which do not absorb in the body. Protein So Much Taste! -bars are perfect for a pre or post workout nutrition or just for a better snack– opting for better results and healthier life style! Product range contains also fully lactose and gluten-free options.

So Much Taste!


Easy Go

This bar hits the trifecta of protein bars with its high level of protein, great taste, and low price! You are sure to give your taste buds, wallet, and muscles a treat.

Easy go


Reco (Sports Recovery)

The recovery of your muscles after a workout is one of the most important aspects of your personal journey to living a healthy and full life. That is why we have developed this Sports Recovery bar designed specifically to help in the rebuilding process of your muscles. With a high level of protein in every bar, the Reco bar is what you are looking for.




Making sure you’re body is properly fueled before a workout is also a key to optimizing your workout to ensure that you can reach the levels of activity that you are aiming for. Our Pre-Workout bar is packed with things your body needs to be running on a full tank as you are about to workout.