Pure nutrient dense food, doesn’t it sound good?

Rawsom brand introduces a new concept of superfoods and an easy way to incorporate powerful nutrients into a daily diet. Product line includes innovative and high-quality superfoods made from the natures best ingredients. All products owns an especially high content of important nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. Rawsom powders are packed in re-sealable air tight, foil pouches which make them easy to carry along, prepare at work or leisure activities, or while travelling.

Sustainability and Quality

All products are pure food and 100 % Vegan, some are RAW and most of them organic. All the ingredients are sourced according to BSCI-principles which guarantees sustainable and ethical circumstances to the local producers. As we take sustainability and quality seriously, all the products and ingredients are traceable from our factories back to the local producers’ farm.  This way we can guarantee the high-quality and pureness of the products.

We have a pure belief in a simple and natural food that it`s good for you as tasty. In this belief, we wish to deliver you our new Rawsom product line. As wellness begin from within – be awesome – eat Rawsom!