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The great Outdoors. What a wonderful, romantic, and honestly difficult place to find yourself in. Whether you are Bear Grylls, an army soldier, a seasonal hunter, a avid hiker\thrill seeker, or just someone who wants to spend some time in the woods. We have all found ourselves at one point or another wishing we had brought with us some food that is light, easy to pack, nutritious, easy to cook, and tastes good. Look no further, as we have created the one of a kind OUTDOOR GOURMET MEALS just for you, whatever your background or experience.

An adventure in the nature and outdoors consumes a lot of calories.  That means that you would normally need to pack more than enough food to make sure you don’t lose strength half way through your adventure. These food products also often cause you pack to increase tremendously in weight. That is why our Outdoor Gourmet meals are a balanced, high-calorie and tasty meal. They contain approximately 15-20% more protein and energy, and are approximately 500-700 kcal per meal. This versatile and inovative product series also offers a variety of vegetable and vegan options and gluten and lactose free meals.

Preparing meals is simple – JUST. ADD. WATER. That is it, we promise. No long waits to dig into your food, as the meal will take from 5-15 minutes depending on the product. Clear instructions can be found at the back of the bag and the preparation is easy with the measurement scale inside the bag. It is a perfect meal for anyone looking to go on a hike, camping trip, boat trip, or even take it to work. I actually ate it for lunch today.

Choose your favorite Outdoor Gourmet meal from 19 delicious flavours and enjoy.

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