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When we were children we had the craziest dreams. Some dreamed of being an astronaut, other dreamed of being a movie star, and still some dreamed they could be a lion or a tiger. Whatever your dream was, sometimes it was achieved and sometimes it remained just a dream. Here at Leader, we have dreamed for a long time of a Protein Bar, that was more than a protein bar. We wanted all the benefits of a protein bar, but with the texture and taste of a candy bar. This is because for so long, so many other protein bars feel more like eating a brick then they do like eating something good.

Well, we are proud to present our DREAM come true! We promise you that when you bite into our Dream Protein Bars, your taste buds will think you are eating a candy bar. But, your body will know you are eating something good for you. Don’t worry, you aren’t asleep right now, we promise you that you are awake and this is DREAM IS REAL!

Whether you are about to work out, just finished working out, are on a hike or a run, getting ready to take the kids to school, or sitting at the office before it is lunch time. Whatever, you are doing, take a DREAM bar with you, and let us be a part of your pursuit to make YOUR dreams come true.

Four delicious flavours:
Protein Dream Crispy Milk Chocolate 45 g
Protein Dream Salted Nuts & Caramel 45 g
Protein Dream Chocolate & Cookies 45 g
Protein Dream Crispy Caramel 45 g