Leader Zircca bars are introducing the future – a new nutritious and sustainable source of protein made of crickets. These nutrient-dense insects are turned into powder and baked into bars with wholesome ingredients like dates, fruits and nuts. The health benefits are endless as crickets are high in clean protein containing all the essential amino acids. They are also full of bioavailable calcium and iron, as well as Omega 3 and 6. However, and most importantly, crickets leave a much lower food print on the planet than other protein sources. Insects use just a fraction of the feed, water and land resources than traditional livestock. Compared to cows, cricket’s produce 100 times less greenhouse gases for the same amount of protein. All Leader Zircca bars are made in Finland.

Protein bars

High quality protein and yummy flavors. Zircca protein bars contains 34 % of clean, sustainable and complete source of protein. These protein bars are more healthier and tastier than ever.


Snack bars

These nutrient-dense snack bars are made with cricket flour and other wholesome goodies like dates, cacao nibs and matcha green tea. This truly is a healthy choise for the future with nutritional, sustainable, and ethical benefits. Free from dairy, gluten and additives.


Chocolate bars

Zircca cricket chocolate bar is made from high quality Criollo cacao beans and house cricket flour. It combines all the good-for-you-ingredients of dark chocolate and crickets into a one sweet package bringing pleasure to your body and soul.